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Hypnosis is a totally natural phenomena best described as deep state of relaxation and concentration, wherein the mind becomes distant and detached from everyday cares and concerns. This state is neither sleep nor unconsciousness but an altered state of awareness, often referred to as a ‘hypnotic trance’ or ‘hypnotic relaxation’. The conscious and analytical part of the mind is safely bypassed allowing more direct access to the inner conscious (subconscious) part of your mind whereby you ‘let things happen’ and respond positively to suggestion. The experience of the hypnosis is different for each person. The best way to describe it is a shift or altered state of awareness. The individual is in complete control, but extraordinarily focused on their internal experience, and on the voice of the hypnotist. This dispels the popular myth that a hypnotized person is unconscious or unable to respond to emergencies, or to oppose the will of the hypnotist if they should wish to do so.

As a therapy (often referred to as hypnotherapy), hypnosis can be used for helping change behavior, overcoming fears and phobias, conquering stress and anxiety, breaking bad or damaging habits, losing weight, personal development, beating depression and so on. By purposefully and systematically entering hypnosis we have an opportunity to foster physical and emotional balance on an unconscious level and therefore improve the quality of our lives.

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