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The response to this holiday offer in the past few years has been very good and I want to continue to make this my gift to you yearly. I am creating a tradition! Hope you make it one for yourself. A Self-Gift!

Whether you have been using your particular tools or have not found them yet, come and relax and getting a super-dose of joy and calm as the holidays roll in!

Call, text or email for an appointment during these dates,
One session (normally $150.00) : $75.00.
If you would like to buy a gift of 3 for yourself or someone else, (normally 450.00) I will offer these at a rate of: $225.00.

Also, 20% off any recordings from My Store. An abundance of MP3s (CDs can be mailed), in areas of: Health, Guidance and Relaxation. Visit My Store for the discounts.

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