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Is Attitude Really Important?

Is attitude really important?

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”
-W. Clement Stone

The subconscious mind is always operating… always. It always responds and agrees to every thought you have. In the early 20′s, a pharmacist introduced a method of using frequent repetition of the formula “Every day in every way, I am becoming better and better.” His name is historic in all varieties of therapy. Emile Coue’s method of autosuggestion was a simple yet very powerful tool that proved to be highly successful. To this day it is utilized to create, change and enhance attitudes, health issues, behaviors, creativity and anything you could possibly think of.

Dr. Howard Blitzer, founder of the Hollywood Church of Religious Science, teacher and author of several books was asked “how do you keep on keeping on?” His answer was that every day upon waking, he expected the best, true and beautiful to happen. He continued to dwell on that the whole day and every day creating a habit of attraction. Regardless of what the appearances were.

We all require practice to re-train the mind which is strong and tenacious in holding onto the “old ways” that are no longer working for us. Try the phrase above just as you open your eyes before becoming fully awake. Count it off on 10 fingers as you are lying in bed repeating the phrase.

Then, just as you are laying your head on your pillow, waiting for sleep to come, say the phrase 10 times… Give it a try… just do it!

“What we persist in recognizing, we persist in holding in place.”

If you would like to learn more about this technique and others, please contact me. Be sure to mention this blog post for $50.00 off a single session or $100 off a series of 3 sessions. Offer good through October 31, 2013.

To Fear or Not to Fear

For some of us, there are a few things that just thinking about, brings some anxiety, nervousness and even out-of-control fear. For many of us, there are too many things that bring a lot of fear. It is that moment when the fear becomes uncontrollable that we feel completely powerless.

Remember when we were told that FEAR is false evidence appearing real? Yes, great words, true words. But when someone is in the grip of fear or on their way, that feeling of having no control is the only thing taking place.

The famous philosopher and poet Hafiz wrote, “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.” Fear, like so many other behaviors can be lessened and even stopped in its tracks before taking hold of us. There are many reasons for fear. One is that the fear alerts us to a possible or imminent danger. This type of fear is good, healthy and goes back to our cave-dwelling days. The other kind, the irrational and often overwhelming fear that stops us from moving forward, can expand into other areas of our life. It is like a bad seed. It can be removed by many types of therapy. Life becomes easier, gentler and we feel we are in control of outcomes.

Remember that like attracts like or another way of saying it, “the law of attraction,” so, let’s get rid of the fear and stop attracting more. Let’s begin the habit of attracting our goals, intentions, dreams and the things that inspire us.

Helen Keller wrote “Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.” I imagine Helen had her moments with fear, we all do. The difference is will you do something about it to move forward with your life? Make a choice and allow that to motivate you. Stop shrinking with the fears because they have become such a part of you. Whatever your choice, make it YOUR choice.

“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”
E. E. Cummings

A Time For Weeding

From my Chair to yours…

Always time for a little weeding…

“It is necessary that we release all thoughts-as well as things-that clutter up our lives.”

In this busy life of receiving information as fast as our fingers can move on the computer keys, what are we doing with all of it? Do we want or need it any longer or not and did we ever use the information? This is an exciting and abundant time we are all living in. Ask and you shall receive is really our reality.

What may be a good habit to develop is to really pay attention to all we are taking in mentally, emotionally and what are our plans for it all? Where is our attention most of the time?

Personally, I have found that in very little steps, over time, I now develop my inner garden with more care. I continue to weed when I feel stressed or distracted, realizing that I am holding too much stuff. One practice is to “see” my mind like a garden… where I plant new ideas and nurture the soil… my body and attitude. I keep track of annuals… more immediate ideas/thoughts/information I use quickly; perennials, that information I continue to grow and are always part of my landscape. I watch as the seasons of ideas, projects, new thoughts & ideas arrive. I make way for the new information as I weed out the old, and what I am no longer using or supporting me. In de-cluttering my inner garden, I am open to new thoughts, dreams, answers because I have made room for them. Physically, I am aware that my step is livelier and more confident.

Take a moment at this moment and close your eyes and see your garden or landscape. How would you like it to appear? Some people may see it more and more as a beautiful, well maintained place of beauty. Some people may easily envision a constant work in progress with wheel barrows and fertilizer. Planting, seeding and weeding (de-cluttering), all the time. Loving the feel of getting their hands in the soil daily. Others may have a crew that helps maintain this garden. Be creative! What works for one may not work for someone else. Have fun with the opportunity of creating the ideal conditions for your garden! Allow yourself the pleasure of opening up to clarity and your ideas. Expand your dreams and just… “make it so!”

Then, sit back, surrender and take a nice long breath. You now can plant your seeds of possibility and continue to weed the garden of your mind.

March Quarterly

“Do you have the patience to wait
till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
Till the right action arises by itself?”
-Tao Te Ching

Comes in like a Lion…..or out like a lamb?

The choice is ours and seems to me more than ever that we never really know what the weather will bring, how swiftly or intensely.

I wanted to share something I recently read that I found started my creative wheels turning: A learned scientist once proclaimed, “Astronomically speaking, man is but a tiny speck in the universe.” An equally learned colleague replied, “Astronomically speaking, man is the astronomer.” Yes, I do feel like that more and more as I grow through the years. Did you know that our bodies contain at least some trace of all ninety-two fundamental elements of the universe, which makes us filled with our own universe. Very much like the one we gaze at when we are able to remember there is one gorgeous, enchanting one that we are kin to… out there.

I would like to begin sharing occasionally some books or DVD’s that I feel strongly about… and pass it along. This quarterly includes 3 recommendations.

One is a brand new book on how the mind/body works. We know what and where the brain is but what and where is the actual mind located. If that sounds interesting, then this very user-friendly book will easily explain to anyone, how we go about thinking, feeling and creating (or not) our life. The name of the book is NLP The Essential Guide by Tom Dotz. It is fun and again, genuinely a pleasure!

The second is a DVD called The Living Matrix. This is an amazing compilation of doctors and research done all over the world. It will thrill you and I hope, educate you (it did me), in what human beings are capable of. It is a must to all of us that want to know more beyond the new advances made in prescription drugs; illnesses (all kinds); and how very powerful not only our mind is, but the seat of intelligence which is the heart! Very positive and fascinating DVD to watch.

The third is a gorgeous book Sweet Fruit from a Bitter Tree by Mark Andreas. It is a gorgeous book of 61 very short stories, that happened! This is a keeper for reading anytime. Compassionate ways out of extreme conflict. Unbelievable and so heartening. Turn off the news one night and step into the real world.

I know most of us are ready for the springtime, it is just around the corner. I personally have seen the robins on our lawn looking for their feast of plenty. Also spotted many crocuses just pushing up… just like life. There’s something magic in it. You shouldn’t force it, just pay attention and listen.

Want it, Wish it and allow it to Happen!

Well, as we enter the last of this holiday season, I want to wish you joy, peace and anything you truly desire. Whatever you celebrate, in whatever way with others or privately within your own practices, rituals… or not, I hope it continues to be special.

As we enter the New Year, I want to let you know that whatever you have been wishing and dreaming, has a tremendously strong probability of happening this coming year. Watch and pay attention to the little things that occur around and within you, the nuances can come from so many places. Your own inspiration has already begun and will grow to fullness shortly… Want it, wish it and allow it to happen! If things get a bit rough at times and in turmoil, make those moments happen so you can close your eyes and breathe for a few moments. Breathe from your belly… it’s better and goes deeper that way. Think of it as more time efficient! Let whatever that needs to unwind (and sometimes this may come in the form of crying, giggling, or other emotional expressions, just relax… and feel your own personal inspirations coming in as you let go. Again, It may be so quick and passing… but, It will return. I have found and heard that It lingers longer each time and when we catch It, the connection is quite strong and wants to be fed with your own individual gifts and talents. Everyone is unique in this way. That is one of the factors that make us, well… us.
Everyone deserves to be inspired and in these times of change.

I am so grateful that you are in my life.

Again, as always, if you or someone you know has any questions about the tremendous scope of hypnosis, NLP, and a variety of areas I utilize, please call and let’s chat.

I can also be given as a gift to those that just need to relax and learn how to do it in the future.
My business is growing and I am being inspired to expand.

Wish it, want it and allow it to happen right now, this new year.

Warmest wishes to you!

Fall, Gratitude, and Thankfulness

Fall in Pennsylvania

“You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind.”
Darvin P. Kingsley

Sometime just before I was going to send this quarterly out to you, we had hurricane Sandy. Such a gentle and mild name. I also have a friend named Sandy who you would always want beside for anything that needed full energy and fortitude.
The hurricane was like that also, and, an appropriate name for all the displaced sand and sand damage. Mother nature is so very powerful and creative. Please believe I am not minimalizing Sandy at all! My prayers and heart go out to everyone that has been effected in any way by her.

Isn’t the creative process like that? Depending on how we choose to use the power that begins to stir inside us, it can be very productive or very de-structive. Good time to begin to be conscious of our decisions.

Direct your energies into constructive channels.

What a beautiful, crisp day it is today.

Autumn has arrived in Southeastern PA!

Life seems busy for everyone and what I am hearing is life is full and getting much clearer. More often, there is more goodness in so many ways for so many people.

This is always an up lifter for me as it once again shows me how extraordinary the human mind is and when the mind and heart work together there are always greater areas of intelligence, creativity and balance.

I recently was mailed a catalog that I had requested awhile ago. It is from Heifer International. I am thrilled with what they do and how they do it. I, myself, will be making my own donations with them. I would also like to begin offering donations during the upcoming time of Thanksgiving and Gratitude in the name of my recent clients, new clients and any referrals. I will donate a portion of the session to Heifer International. If you read this and feel that you or anyone you know may not need my services, please investigate the web site and what they do for its own sake:

I am so blessed in my life with friends, opportunities and my growing business. I thank everyone including long term clients and clients that have gone on to coaching with me as needed, for all the continuing support. Those I still have not met with, who read my blog by having it forwarded to you or just being on the list, I look forward to the opportunity to serve and be a partner to you if you ever want to talk.

I will begin doing a lot more with upcoming workshops working with specific company’s/organizations and foundations in the future. So, if you have an idea about your sales team or managers needing an “attitude boost” and learning how to keep in the zone… let’s talk.

Targeted meditation/hypnotism coupled with right words, good, healthy self-talk are the tools to get oneself in the right zone for life. It is what keeps us all increasing the abundance. Whatever that may be for you and/or your company! Money, joy, harmony in relationships, new accounts. Clients, patients feel it and want to be around this.

cornucopiaI will be on my way to Florida in early November to finish receiving my Masters in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is very powerful, as is the mind, and I believe its fore-bearer was Psycho-Cybernetics, the art of positive thinking and self talk.

There is a divinity and a beauty in everything if we are willing to take a moment, a breath and notice. I sometimes think of it as little notes, love letters from a great source to remind me I am not alone. In fact, when I look around, these notes and reminders are scattered everywhere.

Have a very wonderful and glorious Holiday Season!
Warmest wishes to you!

Inner Harvest Latest Updates – June 2012


- Ernest Holmes

This seems to be a very abundant year for learning and finding new work, paths and dreams for many folks as well as myself.  A bit like being offered the chance to design a garden or create a meal of several courses.  No need to rush, just take it one step at a time and… attention. Express uniquely as your life.

As I sit here, it gives me pause to think over my life, my dreams and how it is all going. I think about what brings me joy, what sparks my creativity, what excites me about being alive.  Sometimes, a simple shift in my thinking makes all the difference.

I want to thank everyone reading this that is either a friend I see often or maybe not as often as I wish, perhaps has become a client, or someone that sends me good wishes and just reads my occasional blog and enjoys it.  Maybe something sparks within you from reading this or you pass something on to someone else….My business is growing and that opens the door and allows me to continue my dreams/goals with even  more purpose.

I have currently signed up for several more classes to deepen my knowledge and awareness of hypnotism and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and a bevy of other hypnotic techniques depending on the client and issue(s).  Because everyone is unique and quite different in how they hear, feel and grow. I love the fact that I am more and more able to “speak” your particular language and be your guide.  As someone said to me the other day…”You are my accessor.” Yes, I am and to me what that means is all the answers and intelligence is already within you.  Whatever your belief system is, I will acknowledge it and respect it always…….but it is a great time to em-power oneself by going to that deep inner place through a hypnotic relaxation or sometimes referred to as mindful meditation.  The difference with a hypnotist is that when you are that deeply relaxed, the hypnotist knows that sub-conscious mind is completely open to suggestion and in that, well, the changes, enhancements and guidance begins to take place with the right suggestions and the client doing some re-enforcement and repetition during the days that follow.  It is amazing and more and more research is being done about this and how hypnosis is a great compliment to the medical field both physical healing as well as working with the therapist.

One of the courses I will be studying is more about the inner mind and conflicts.  This is called Parts Therapy.  This is a certification acknowledged by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), of which I am a member.  Parts Therapy is also call Inner Conflict Resolution as it speaks with the conflicting part(s) off the inner mind that may be blocking the motivating part from giving up something; over-eating, smoking, certain physical problems as well as mental/emotional.  Oddly enough, the inner-mind thinks it is doing it for some type of protection.

The second certified course is in August and it is on Complimentary Medical Hypnosis. This is working more closely with medical doctors as well as therapists….

I thank you and everyone that has been so supportive to me and the steps I am taking in my profession. As actress Shirley MacLaine recently said in something I read “Limitations? Those are only what you think they are and nothing more.  Set your goals, go after them and don’t be afraid to experience a part of yourself you haven’t encountered before.”  Yes, Shirley, I agree! It is about getting to know ourselves and getting past certain blocks.  At times, it takes a guide or someone to access or “upgrade the software”.

I am also am enjoying working on a certification course for Children and Teenagers….a joy! What a grand age to learn specific tools to cope with life as well as create the life you want.

Take some time to contemplate and to be in the moment…..take a walk and notice the flowers and birds and the air.  Dare to dream!

The risks of not making changes are great.  We risk missing our lives.

- Gail Sher

Warmest wishes,

And to all a goodnight…

And to all a good night….

As I sit here in my cozy den area, stroking one of our cats, Sophie, I wanted to send you all a wish that the New Year will hold much joy and peace for you.  Also, to share a few thoughts with you as well.

To begin, my husband Ron and I are from a river boat cruise to the Christmas Markets on the Rhine.  Absolutely wonderful and affordable!  I have traveled a lot over the past years, and love searching and checking out various types of trips all over.  I will always pass on  to you any business or experience I personally am or have involved myself in and share this with you.  We had many tours…mainly throughout Germany on this trip but also a stop in delightful Strasburg, France and a lovely glide through a part of the Netherlands.  So very peaceful.  A river boat is so different from a ship.  It is smooth and graceful.  (Grand Circle Travel…for anyone that may be interested in seeing what and where they go.  Oh, also land trips throughout Europe, China, Egypt and the USA.  Very low key.

Life  is good and offering many insights and a generosity of ideas….I have recently taken an extraordinary in-depth class in weight loss/release and management.  This is one of the most difficult areas for people as there are so many reasons we put on weight….100’s of reasons.  This is a “state of the art” computerized system that has recently been developed by a recognized hypnotist after years of seeing thousands of patients.  It is more streamlined and shortens the time needed to locate the individual and unique  reasons for a person.

I have moved my Phoenixville office into my home.  My normal work area has and continues to be expanded so that I can also hold workshops here.  I still have an office in the Wayne area if needed and perhaps down the line , if it still seems timely and  right, an office in Malvern.

It has been a busy and productive season thus far for me and it seems that it is unusually busy for most.  I look forward to the New Year with confidence and peace in my heart for all of us, our planet and dreams to flourish and come true finally. Take a breather every so often as it does help in slowing down the heart rate and tension.  Become even clearer on what you want to create in this New Year.  Look inside and choose one thing.  In the present moment lie all possibilities.   Your life and your choices matter.  Make it mean something in this new year of 2012!

This I got from one of my newsletters I receive. The author is a Tim Shay.Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?Be thankful when you don’t know something, for it gives you the opportunity to learn.Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge,
because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes.
They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you’re tired and weary,
because it means you’ve made a difference.Much love to you! 

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