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December Quarterly 2017

“Your focus determines your reality.”
- Qui-Gon Jinn

Hello, and happy holidays in whatever way you celebrate,

Here we are as a New Year approaches. I will share with you some personal feelings of what I perceive is happening lately.
What I can tell you for me is; that I have a very strong, powerful center within me that believes what is occurring on our planet will turn out to be of a great, loving change. I focus on this, a lot.
I look at what is taking place now with a positive attitude. Tough going and, I believe times may get more difficult. Yet, I am certain all will turn out for all good and for plenty.
The coming New Year for me is filling up with baskets of hope, jewels and sparkling gems of goodwill, and colorful, delicious dreams towards a new approach of thinking. I call it heart –wisdom on a more universal level. I believe this.
In the New Year, I will be closer to realizing what I know and stand for. I am not alone in this thinking.
As I continue to “air out my mind,” I let go of old habits and ways that no longer support the person I am still becoming.
I will stretch to reach more of my potential and cooperation with my life force.
I will do my best to stay focused on this every day. I wish you joyous days of holidays and a very, happy New Year. May all your dreams come true!

Much Love,

October Quarterly 2017

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”
- Gandalf

The mind is amazing. It remembers everything that it has been told. It is capable of creating new behaviors and habits. With a committed intention and practice, the mind can overcome just about anything. When we learn more about the mind, anything will be possible.

Every day, all kinds of outside sources, commercials, news and articles are causing anxiety. Do we have any control over this? The simple answer is yes. We can say yes to other views and areas of life. 
Not so easy when we turn on the news in the evening and watch all that is occurring. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you saw a segment of some good news that was happening? Do you believe that there is much good happening as well? 
To listen and read most of what is incoming, I would think not. Remember the old adage, “Good news doesn’t sell.” The following link is interesting to read about why:

I am not denying the realities of what is occurring around the world, around our country, around where you may live. I am saying we can do our best not to get carried away thinking and feeling this is all that is going on in our world.
Where can you do some good? 
Donate to plant more trees? Look people in the eye and tell them thank you! 
Help with a community situation or look at what else if going on that is positive and productive? I grew up knowing there were ratings that were needed to keep shows and papers in business. 
Continue to choose and watch where your valuable attention is paying attention to. 
Keep opening up your own personal power to look wider at ALL that is going on. It may not be easy to find, but it is there. 
It is there in a neighbors smile, it is there in the tremendous marriage growing between science and faith. It is there when you help someone who needs help. There are hundreds of small, powerful ways to connect with your real world. Here is a few links that may give you some ideas/choices that support community/world growth:

I would always advise to check out the accuracy as I do with any links and the regular TV news.

Much Love,

April Quarterly 2017

“Ends and beginnings- there are no such things, only middles.”
- Robert Frost

How are you doing? This is certainly a time of change and strong emotions.
Are you able to take a step back to pull these thoughts and emotions in? Take a “perspective break.” Actually, any break to do something that brings you a well-deserved moment of peace, or pleasure, perhaps even happiness.
How are you feeling? “These times they are a changing…”
Bob Dylan sang those words in 1964!
Our current times may seem, and you would be in the greater number feeling that, there is a significant paradigm going on. “Totally frustrating”or“glad we are finally here and moving forward,” and “what the heck is going on?”
Many people I meet through my profession, groups and friends are experiencing a dark night of the soul….a lot.
Some folks also say they have boundless energy in areas that are not always usual for them.
Some are experiencing emotions so strong that tears come easily as does being grateful.
I am no longer sure that a person cannot experience more than one emotion at the same time.
Whatever you may be experiencing, I can tell you this…You are NOT alone.
I was on the treadmill at my gym the other day. I was listening to some music that charges my “workout” muse. I looked around at all the people in the room and inspiration visited and fired my imagination. What if many of these folks we see on the trains, buses, at the grocery store and all over are really…..angels, spirit guides in training.
What if some of these people really had gone from training to becoming? Far out thinking?
So, that was my 20 minutes of moving and grooving, going uphill and down. I enjoyed thinking about what we see and what we do not see. This type of thinking always intrigues me.
Who is to say that there is not a plan in place at all times for guidance?
Go ahead, have a slice of pizza, a milkshake or drive a different route. Take a moment to enjoy something outrageous!

Much Love,

January Quarterly 2017

January 2017 Quarterly

“You really can change your life and live your dreams on day one.”
- Bob Reina

As we enter into the second week of this new year, how are you feeling about it?
I will share with you that I sense it as really , a new beginning. As to the quote I added this piece, every day can be day one!
These are the thoughts that came to me yesterday:
No matter how much time I have left in this life, I want to live every day with a purpose, an intention and watch what I attract.
Quality is more important to me than having more, doing more, over-reaching and spreading my energies too thin. This makes me feel scattered, weakened…and cranky.
To honor my past with all its light and shadow. If I have learned from it, I keep what is good and learn to release what I don’t need…anymore.
To be in the present. I want to pay attention to all the natural beauty around me and do what I can to keep it that way and better.
To look forward to my future with inspiration and ease. Plan, take little steps and change course if I want to.
To be kinder and take more focused breaths.
To trust that there is an Intelligence and a Master plan for me, for us and the planet.
To have more fun. To realize what I enjoy and find happiness doing.
Every day let people know they matter to me.
To drive defensively as I was taught. To be easier going on the roads.
To remember that saving my change (my coin), really adds up.
To like myself and remember I am an evolving art in progress!
To notice the progress and celebrate it!

Happy new year to everyone!!

November Quarterly 2016

“No matter where life takes you… the place where you stand at any moment is holy ground. Love hard and love wide and love long, and you will find the goodness of it.”
- Susan Vreeland, Lisette’s List

It seems that so much is going on in everyone’s life right now. For myself, it reminds me to step back and see things from another perspective.

To open my view to the bigger picture. The times, when the smallness of reactions and emotions takes over, leaves a bad feeling in my heart.

A bigger, expansive view of the situation(s), allows me more peace, calm and clarity.

In my profession and as a human being, I am very lucky to speak with others and hear their stories. Lately, most are women and it seems to be a tremendous time for women now. In fact, I would say that as a woman, we are just beginning to come into a time of unprecedented power.

I have spoken with some men I am fortunate to call friends, and there is this sense for them as well.
There are monumental changes that are beginning to occur for many.

For me, some dreams/goals that have been part of my story for years are now coming into play. A woman I know said to me that she feels she is starting a whole, new volume in her life series. I agree!

This time for me is also about forgiveness and letting go at a new level. My heart intelligence is expanding. There has been much exploratory research compiled about the intelligence of the heart and how it interacts with the brain. I hope that more and more, there is a movement toward this understanding of the hearts intelligence. Would not be a bad move forward.

How is your view of life? How is your hearts intelligence?

July Quarterly 2016

“If you think you can or you can’t – you’re right.”
- Henry Ford

I was very inspired by something I read in a new magazine. The editor, Antonia Case wrote a wonderfully, potent piece on our inner chatting mind.

It set in motion thoughts and beliefs that I have held for a long time on the quality my thoughts.
Ms. Case refers to her conscious mind as “she.” I like that and will borrow it from her for the rest of my article.

Giving my chattering mind a personality is a good idea as it makes it more like a friend. Someone I will listen to instead of shoving her off to the side or ignoring what she is saying. It is the quality of the thoughts that drive our emotions and behavior.

Knowing this has given me a reason to hear her. Is she thinking healthy productive and inspiring thoughts or, does she worry and/or criticize too often?

She comes with me everywhere. Am I trying to tune out my thoughts with an audible book too often or going to email, Facebook, Instagram? Take your pick. I am guilty of moving forward at times without even saying good morning to her. My constant companion. Does she get upset when she is ignored? Does she turn off the fluid, creative ideas that are just waiting to be given to me? Maybe that is why she chatters!

This is an interesting question. She is so much a part of me, Maybe she would cooperate more if I worked in partnership with her. Maybe she would quiet down when I needed her to if I respected and honored her.
How is your relationship with her?

March Quarterly 2016

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
- Pablo Picasso

When I read this quote I am reminded how true this is for me. Whatever you imagine, be it something marvelous or disastrous… is real to your mind.
IDEA: To strengthen your creative muscle, see what want for a few moments every day. Your goals, dreams. Do this for 15-30 seconds. This simple action begins to build muscle memory in the mind. What the mind sees believes it is real.
Better than the picture, really feel yourself there. Any smells? What colors are there? Is anyone else there? Is there any sounds? Can you feel the air move, the ground beneath your feet? This is more than a simple visualization. When we give it dimension and sensory, it takes on a whole new level of success! Try this practice for a month, 15-30 seconds a day. Notice as people and coincidences come into your life…You are learning to create a path for the law of attraction to enter!
As you practice this in short moments as often as you can during the next month, pay some attention to how it is working. (If you would like, drop me a line or two of what is going on!)
Practice training your mind in the art of focused imagination.
Create a completely new world of infinite possibilities for yourself and others!
Again, little steps.

For myself personally, I am in the final weeks of becoming certified in a unique form of creativity coaching. I love the idea that everyone has creativity flowing through his or her systems. It is not always in the form of writing, artwork or music. We can all get overwhelmed, procrastinate and shutdown for different reasons (more later).
Through many of the assignments, I have re-discovered many writers, speakers and practices that I either have utilized before or are new and exciting to me now.
One of the tools that has become a more constant companion is the mind sculpting I mention earlier. Once again, I see how powerful and significant honing this skill plays in creating my life. Just remember to pay attention to where your attention is!
Try it! Again or anew for you, mind sculpting is a great tool to bring into your life!

“Winners, I am convinced, imagine their dreams first. They want it with all their heart and expect it to come true. There is, I believe, no other way to live.”
-Joe Montana

February Quarterly 2016

“The voyage in discovery lies not in finding a new landscape but in having new eyes.”
- Marcel Proust

Delicious opportunities

There seem to be so many choices for me lately.

The nice thing I am noticing though is that there is no pressure!

I am just coming off an almost 2-week chest, head and nasal bug. It laid me down big time. The light side of this is that I rested my mind and body while I just let my spirit roam freely in pure, creativeness. This is the positive, productive side. The light side of the time I spent.

I like to look at all sides of an experience. Light and shadow. I do not need to tell anyone about the shadow side of being sick…nope. We have all been there.

I have trained myself to pay attention to subtle nuances, signs and how my life is “rolling.”

Am I on a roller coaster?
Am I on a train going down the tracks of my life? Is there a night vista, stormy skies or mountains lush with colors?
I play with this way of allowing my life to unfold in a more creative, gentle way. It is also a way for me of seeing which mind-set I am in. Fast, slow, creative, or jumbled. I also call it my Witness mind.
How do you check up on what is going on in your life?
Much love,

How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives.”
– Annie Dillard

December Quarterly 2015

What is creative living? Any life that is driven more by curiosity than fear.
-Elizabeth Gilbert

December quarterlySeveral months ago, I read a blog by one of my teachers. She had this quote from Elizabeth Gilbert. I have since listened to Elizabeths’new book; Big Magic. I enjoy hearing certain books like this by way of audio, and wanted to share this very truth with you.

I have been busy with everyday life and home and hearth, my business and a part time job that I enjoy. The part time job has grown during these holiday times to be very demanding. Yes, this too will slow down.

I find that in looking at all the things and areas I am usually creative in are at a pause in my life. However, what I am finding and learning more and more every day is that creativity is always working through us in some way. It comes to visit and at times, some long, it gathers momentum in rest periods. Right now, I am cooking up dishes I had not planned on cooking. I am enjoying this immensely as I love to cook. However, the ideas come quite quickly while shopping or looking at pictures/recipes. I become, as an artist must feel as I gather my ingredients and watch it come together.

Sharing this with a friend, she told me that during moments of rest from her regular creative outlets, she gardens more than is natural for her. It is her belief that the flow of life, of creativity is a curious thing and feeds on the doing. I agree with her.

How are your days of these holiday seasons moving along? Whichever way you celebrate (or not), are you taking the time to relish those moments of curiosity? What sparks your unique creativeness?

I hope all is well and please take time for you.

Much love,

September Quarterly 2015

Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.
-Thomas Merton

It feels like autumn is really arriving. It makes me feel good and happy.

I have always looked forward to the fall and the golds and reds. Just a kaleidoscope of color and energy.

For me, it is a time of cleaning my house. Both my interior self and the home I live in.

I am refreshed in mind, spirit and, soul. My steps have an extra bounce in them. I notice the smells more keenly and memories of marshmallows and burned hot dogs. This brings about ideas that seem ready to give birth as other things tuck away.

I clear space for new in-coming thoughts, a new plan, a sweater not yet worn, and, maybe a new color on a wall and so much more. Letting go of what no longer serves me and growing what does.

It is a time that feels crisp and as I watch the leaves blow gracefully in the wind, I too will allow my clutter, my over-abundance to also blow away.

I do my letting go a little at a time.

I cannot remember how many times I have been spontaneous and found that I had been too quick and have severed something that needed more time to take shape.

Letting go can be a mix of ease and joy and of fear and overwhelming.

I say words, phrases or a prayer that work for me. Then I can find the solution(s) to anything that needs to be addressed.”Be still and know I am with you always.”
The times we live in are challenging.

I look often at the growing unity of people, groups and even companies.

I like to believe that our planet is getting more into cleaning house. In many ways, this makes sense to me. Of course, to realize all the wondrous good that is going on around us, you have to search it out. Seems like so much of the good is kept hidden.

There is another truth out there. This truth does not produce fear but power.
I search and find.
Feels good to know there is more than is on the news (turn it off)!
Focus on what you want as this a potent time for what we are focusing on.

Have a wonderful autumn and please share any thoughts with me!

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