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I am enjoying my journey in life. Sometimes it gets bumpy. I like the bumps. They stretch me to become more resilient and develop a deeper understanding for myself, and others. It’s never boring or static for long.

I’ve always had a curious mind, and I integrate this into my professional practice as well. In making sense of it all, I feel I have been directed towards specific training/certifications in a variety of studies and disciplines. I refer to this as my blended processes.

This combination over many years has helped me recognize my purpose. I am my best at guiding, coaching and offering supportive life tools to others that are seeking wholeness and searching for balance and sense of themselves. As people find the keys to open their own inner gates, they find new pathways of deeper understanding about who they are.

I love being in the creative process in many ways as it presents itself to me.

I usually follow where this inspiration takes me.

Inspiration blends SoulCollage®, JourneyCirclesTM to propel me into deeper levels of myself. Ultimately cooperating and listening more often to my inner wise woman.

While writing, cooking and dancing around my home are a different type of creative celebration. I also appreciate learning something new at a new class/course.

I like thinking out of the box if there ever was a box. Creative solution seeking is even greater when joined with others in cooperation and collaboration.

I enjoy practicing and facilitating one-day mini retreats.

I look forward to expanding and collaborating on longer retreats with others of like mindedness. Collaboration with other people, themes and a variety of processes are important to me to share with my community.

I walk often in nature to relax and find my own inner calm and to find inner clarity.

The labyrinth is another form of listening for answers to questions yet unanswered.

I am a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator. Walking the labyrinth is another way of journeying inward to seek answers/solutions, peace and is above all else, a walking meditation.

The combination of SoulCollage® and the labyrinth as a practice (or as a retreat), is a very inspiring pair together.
Everyone is unique and has their own journey in life. I believe we are all on our own passage yet intertwined with others. In my professional life and play, allow me to offer some unique approaches for your journey.

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