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I have enjoyed practicing and facilitating one-day mini retreats before COVID-19 arrived. Hosting Zoom conferences is not my best method for these groups. There is always tomorrow, something new and unique is coming.

I am enjoying my journey in life. Sometimes it gets bumpy. I have learned to appreciate the bumps. They stretch me to become more resilient and develop a deeper understanding of myself, and others. It’s never boring or static for long!

I’ve always had a curious mind. I am a seeker, and my personal and professional life has mirrored this as well. In making sense of it all, I have chosen fields of education, studies and research which have developed in a keener sense of what I hold dear, and what I wish to share with others.

Over time, I have created a variety of deeper practices that allow me to grow into who I am capable of being and becoming. I have found these have continued to deepen my professional practices as well. They are richer as well. I refer to this as my blended processes. This combination over many years has helped me recognize my purpose in steps and phases.

If you need a guide, coach and/or someone to offer support and balance, I am here to assist you with the process. Most times a “birth” of a new idea, vision or life style happens. To others that are seeking wholeness and searching for balance and sense of themselves, I am available to be on the journey with them if they decide to go deeper. As you find the keys to open your own inner gates, you will find new pathways of incredible depths of understanding about who you are. I love being in the creative process in the many ways it presents itself to myself and others. I usually follow where this inspiration takes me.

The COVID-19 virus has shown and taught me many things about how I like to interact with others. I am waiting to see what will unfold for me as a facilitator-mystic, mid-wife and creative soul. Currently, I am no longer facilitating groups and practicing my hypnotherapy-Core Transformation. I am waiting for my next step to become clearer.

A bit below is a bit about what I have been doing for the most part for the past 7 years.

SoulCollage®, JourneyCircles™ which are two of my creative practices, and which I enjoyed facilitating a variety of one day Retreats, was a fun and stunning way for groups of amazing women to find deeper levels of themselves. Through fun, creating and understanding Shadow and Light, cards were created that become part of them, them. Ultimately cooperating and listening more often to our inner wise woman, we become adept at listening on different levels. Like stereo speakers but from our Parts inside and outside ourselves.

While writing, cooking, dancing around my home or taking a walk, these are all different type of creative celebration. Life has much to be grateful for us all. Especially if you are curious. A seeker. I like thinking out of the box if there ever was a box. Creative solution seeking is even greater when joined with others in cooperation and collaboration.

I look forward to expanding and collaborating on longer retreats with others of like mindedness after the COVID is under control or gone.
Collaboration with other people, themes and a variety of processes are important to me to share with my community. Synergy just happens!
I often walk in nature. It relaxes me and I find my own inner calm and clarity more quickly in the natural world.

I revel in being able to take photographs while listening to a melody on my iPhone. The labyrinth is another form of listening for answers to questions yet unanswered. I am a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator. Walking the labyrinth is another way of journeying inward to seek answers/solutions, peace and is above all else, a walking meditation. This can still be something to be enjoyed outside and/or inside. There are usually not a lot of people but masks of course should be with us at all times in case there are others.Finger labyrinths are a wonderful way to “walk the path” in the privacy of your own home. The combination of SoulCollage® and the labyrinth as a practice (or as a retreat), is a very inspiring pair together.

Everyone is unique and has their own plan in life. I believe we are all on our own journey yet intertwines with others in so many ways. In my life and play, allow me to offer some unique approaches for your journey.

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