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You can, you should,
and if you’re brave enough to start,
you will.
—Stephen King

Ihad been in a cocoon of solitude for over two years.
When the Coronavirus arrived, the forced isolation felt familiar already.
To give room for what was happening, I started slowing down my professional life.
My hypnotherapy and my blended practices.
This also included my SoulCollage® and Creativity groups.

I was attached to my practices.
I was attached to my groups, the people I played with, discovered with, and cried with.

Trusting that tiny steps are the best way to live my life, I surrendered.
A slow, thoughtful, step-by-step process began.
It was clear I desired to rediscover me.

My whole being needed space to grow. I had to let go of things.
I found I needed a lot of rest. A lot of quiet.
My walks became longer. My journaling was more absorbing.
I doodled more. I ordered more colors, different pencils!
I played with sketching.
I made friends with my Muses.
I found I really like photography, again!

I am having fun still seeking what is hiding.
As Sherlock Holmes would say, “The game is afoot!”

The easy way out might be to say, “I am retired.” But I’m not. Recalibrating fits better. Reimagining my life is even better.

My friend says I am in my “sage years.” I am richer for my life and all it has brought me, taught me, moving along on my Soul’s Journey.

The creative process is mystifying. I am doing my best to follow where inspiration takes me. It can move pretty fast.

As I write this, we are still in the midst of COVID-19. This has added fuel to the shift I am feeling—that many of us are feeling.

If you are curious to know more about me, turn to the next page to read on.

Thank you for wondering who I am and what my story has been so far.


Everyone has a different work style, a different personality style. Some of us will work the same job/profession their whole life. Others move from one occupation to another, sometimes aimlessly.

I am a renaissance soul. There are many of us, and we don’t all live our lives the same way. I like to experience, to explore in different areas. This is my work style.

Restaurant and catering work is where I learned about service and how I felt about it. This is where I learned that good food and conversation at the table made for a fuller life. To this day, I love to entertain, set a good table with good food, and share with others. I relish taking my time.

Years later, I needed a change of direction. I answered an ad in a newspaper for a store clerk with a paint company. This turned into 30 years of working in the corporate world. Decorating and later snippets of interior design. Seminars, travel, and more responsibility.

I realized I was more productive having my office at home.

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