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Would you like to improve your life, have a better quality of life? Reach your goals and dreams? Have a more positive attitude, and do the things you set your mind to? Do you have a fear? Fear of public speaking, fear of large crowds, and fear of small places? The list can have one deep issue or many.

Kassia Sobey, Inner Harvest HypnosisMany parts of our life that we experience as individuals day to day may have become un-manageable. Or maybe you want to enhance some ability; sports, drawing, singing, writing. Where there exists a talent, dreams and/or a goal, often times these areas need a boost. Hypnosis is very successful here! Smoking, weight loss, Learn to recognize bad habits, negative thoughts and create new behaviors and habits! Healthier behaviors can be learned and can become a vital part of us! It happens every day!

The methods I practice include specific tools such as Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP is understanding how the mind, not the brain works), Core Transformation, EFT (Meridian tapping), Mindfulness Instruction, SoulCollage® (Intuitive art process utilizing collage), Life Alignment, Life goals and Action Plans. Learn to celebrate and feel the gratification from even your very tiny steps. All my techniques include the use of both the conscious mind and the subconscious processes to help people transform their dreams into reality. There are a myriad of ways for a myriad of unique individuals.

My purpose is to help the individual by changing un-wanted behaviors and to develop new attitudes.
The further practice of teaching auto-suggestion, self-hypnosis and other tools and skills resonate and empower the individual person to be responsible and productive throughout their life for their own life.

I live and work in the Greater Philadelphia region in the Great Valley area with an office in Chester County. I also will work with you on Skype for long distance sessions. Some of my practices are better experienced in a live workshop.

Community workshops (with other like-minded people). These workshops are most often held at my home/office with plenty of room to walk, ponder and feel a sense of like-minded people while experiencing and honoring your own space. I am also available for corporate, facility or group workshops with specific themes.

I will keep you updated on my website and my quarterly blogs; From my chair to yours.

Many times after a client has reached their goal(s), but may wish to continue, there are choices and options for us all. I offer a blend of on-going techniques and processes that are positive and productive. The sessions will fortify and enhance your uniqueness and individuality. With personalized coaching skills to guide and assist you, you will continue to achieve more than you ever imagined in the past…now has become easily, and effectively a new behavior as you move through life.

This can also be less demanding when put in place as the appointments are usually scheduled for the phone call or Skype rather than showing up in person. So, the sessions can take place at a more global and less structured and easier pace.

The workshops I am currently involved in will always be listed on my website. My hope is that my Quarterly blog always continues to bring smiles, comments and to educate you with research in areas of mind/body and spirit utilizing the cornucopia of research already in place to prove the connection.

Take the next step and call or email me for a free phone consultation and bring your questions and/or concerns to me.

Located just outside of Philadelphia!

Inner Harvest Hypnosis serves the Philadelphia suburbs and is conveniently located in Valley Forge, PA. Please contact Kas to set up a consultation today!

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We also offer virtual appointments via Skype or Gmail chat!